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The BAC proudly announces it’s 2013 Wunderkind students. The 13 high school students chosen to receive this honor are given the opportunity to participate in a series of professional seminars to help encourage growth in their artistic pursuits. These classes then culminate in an exhibition in our Hagnauer Gallery set to open the evening on March 15th. Without further ado here are the recipients:

James Alexander-Pike Peak Prep

Kevin Aragon-Pine Creek High School

Lauren Domnik-Pine Creek High School

Miguel “CARA” Espinosa-Achieve K12

Austin Fenske-Pine Creek High School

Caroline Hays-Pine Creek High School

Shanah Leaf-Palmer High School

Laine Michelle Pittock-Air Academy High School

Devin Roxbury- Cheyenne Mountain High School

Graham Sondermann-Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Njeri Summey-Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Brooke Wheeling-Fountain Valley School

Rachel Williams-Pine Creek High School

Thank you everyone for your participation in this year’s Wunderkind. Competition was stiff, and it was definitely quite the task for our judges to narrow it down to only 13. Please join us for the opening reception on March 15th from 6:00pm-8:30pm at the BAC.

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