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Have you heard of the “Cache Your Fears” project yet? If not check it out. It combines Geo-caching with art in the best of ways! Here is a link to the website where you can find all the information about the project and how to participate: Some more information from the website: “Cache Your Fears is a UCCS student art project backed by the Manitou Arts Center. The goal of the [...]

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Teachers K8e Orr and Joel Newmiller will be offering ongoing mosaic classes for adults with developmental disabilities in five week sessions. The program will be intended for ages 16 and up, with a focus on tool use, mosaic techniques, and the elements of design as they pertain to completing a finished mosaic project. The classes will be held Thursday afternoons from 2:00PM-3:30PM at the MAC beginning October 17th. Students will [...]

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With Black Cat Books closing we are switching to new hours at the MAC. The new hours for the 513 building are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11am-7pm Tuesday: Closed Sunday: 11am-5pm The only change for the 515 building and Mabel’s Cafe is that they will now be closing on Tuesdays. These new hours are effective starting immediately, and if you had planned to or needed to get [...]

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Here are our shows for late September/early October   In the Hagnauer: “Intrinsic Curiosities” 9/14-10/19 Opening Reception: 9/27 6:00pm-8:30pm Why create alone, when you can create together? That’s what Nadine Sage and Tammy Carr thought when they decided to join forces. What started out as an experiment turned out to be a big success.  Both working in papier collé and oil, Nadine works with 18th and 19th century illustrations giving them a new [...]

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Call For Art: Gods & Monsters The Manitou Art Center is participating in this year’s Second Biennial Cross-Creations city wide collaboration. We are playing host to an open submission juried show with a theme matching that of the collaboration: Gods & Monsters. From Monsanto and bio-engineering to spiritual enlightenment whatever you consider to fit the theme. We want to explore a broad range of gods and monsters through the eyes of [...]

We wanted to give a big shout out to the CorePower instructors who helped us repaint all of our pedestals! This is welcome news to those of you who were as sick and tired of the drab dirty looking grey color as I (Patrick) was. Check it out! Before After The wonderful volunteers who made it happen!   Thank You!

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Call For Art: The 12 Principles UPDATE: With our sudden change in operating hours and being closed on Tuesdays we have extended to deadline to noon on Wednesday the 4th. Additionally the opening has been shifted to September 20th from 5-8pm. “The 12 Principles” is an open submission juried exhibition exploring permaculture and sustainability through the perspective of the artist. It is happening in conjunction with “The Season of Common [...]

All upcoming shows are opening on August 9th from 6:00-8:30. In the Hagnauer: “LUKE Haynes: Too Legit to Quilt”: Nationally known for his quilts, LA based artist LUKE Haynes strives to change the preconceptions his medium is known for. Challenging the view of quilts as traditionally functional items, LUKE utilizes his mastery of material as a means to play with image and concept. [The American Context #6] Dolla dolla bill Ya’ll! [...]

Blissfest333  The One and Only Film and Cultural Arts Festival In Historic Manitou Springs Where: Business Of Art Center 515 Manitou Ave. Manitou Springs, Co. 80829 When: August 16-18, 2013 Deadline for submission: July 15th, 2013 How to Submit: Blissfest333 is proud to announce a call for all media! This is a multimedia event where all artists are welcome. Art, photography, music, film, poetry, magic, fashion, make-up artists, improv, dance, etc. [...]

Our next group of shows opens Friday, June 21,during Manitou’s 3rd Friday Art Walk. They are: “Out to the Inside,” paintings by Corina Garcia and Kaelyn Tischer. This opens 5-9 p.m. and runs through Aug. 3 in Venue 515′s Grand Hallway. The artists’ statements: Corina Garcia: ”My work portrays human emotions and identity issues. I use my insecurities as the fuel for inspiration to dig deeply into myself. I put my flaws and vulnerability on display in order to show my audience who I [...]