Manitou Art Center

Art that makes you think

Our exhibits are up through August 3rd and consist of:
“Out to the Inside,” paintings by Corina Garcia and Kaelyn Tischer in Venue 515′s Grand Hallway. The artists’ statements:

Corina Garcia: ”My work portrays human emotions and identity issues. I use my insecurities as the fuel for inspiration to dig deeply into myself. I put my flaws and vulnerability on display in order to show my audience who I am and the common insecurities humans have, especially women. These feelings are hidden and kept to myself until released into theartwork. This exposure creates a sense of calmness after the burden of keeping an emotion locked inside for so long. Explosions of pain are unraveled. I focus on my identity as a young female because it is a pivotal state of my life as I believe it is for others as well. The identity aspect of my work focuses on the female gender and the disempowerment role we play to society. My exposure of emotions shows both, a helplessness and bring out the empowerment of moving forward with knowledge and acceptance of flaws and vulnerability.”

 Kaelyn Tischer:“My work depicts figures that exist in a liminal state-transitioning between two phases of life and are not entirely whole. Caught between the known past and the unknown future. These paintings elucidate the sensation of being reborn again after bouts of darkness, as well as disintegrating back into said darkness.”
Marc Jenesel andKaren Pierce

“Woven Together: Firestorm” by thePikes Peak Weavers Guild, featuring invited artist Maryse Levenson in the Hagnauer Gallery. This exhibit, juried by Jeanne Steiner, commemoratesthe 2012 wildfire season and features handwoven, hand-dyed and hand-spun work by 42 artists from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“Glory Road” by Karen Simkiss

“The Mothers Artist Critique Group Anniversary Show,” in the New Gallery. It features work in various media by Sarah Asleson, Barbara Davies, Pauline Foss, Nancy Furman, Patty Heath, Mimi Mitchell, Barbara Resch, Karen Simkiss, Liz Szabo, LuDel Walter and Zandra Zieman-Foster.