Manitou Art Center

Art that makes you think

Political Perspectives: An exhibit by photographer Bill Young. Opening reception 6-9 p.m. Oct. 19; exhibit runs through Nov. 25.

“In today’s political environment many people feel they have all the correct answers and anyone that believes differently is wrong. Most people on any or all sides of any issue base their belief on soundbites from the news media, or emails from a close friend or acquaintance claiming to have verified the information in the 30 seconds between receiving the email and forwarding it to everyone they have ever come across.

The purpose of this show is to display raw data in a new way and in some pieces to provide a personal perspective on the issues and/or people shown. If we can move to a position of discussing the issues without the vitriol and move back toward working with each other instead of fighting and demanding things go our way, we can bring our nation back to a status of greatness.” ~ Bill Young