Manitou Art Center

Art that makes you think

The exhibit opens Oct. 19th and runs through Nov. 25th.

This show is to demonstrate what is being said and shown on the streets about today’s political environment. The BAC has invited nationally recognized political artists to submit works that show what the everyday person is thinking and seeing in politics.

Matt Rota: His clients include The New York Times, McSweeney’s, Nylon Guys, The Utne Reader, LA Weekly, Russian Esquire, He has received recognition and awards from The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, 3×3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly, and Lurzer’s Int’l Archive.

José Roberto Chicas: clients over the past five years include Beyond Nuclear, Common Cause, Council for a Livable World, Culture Project, Joseph Biden for President, The Nation Magazine, Peace Action, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Women Donors Network, among many.

DonkeyHotey: The art of DonkeyHotey is a combination of caricature, photo collage and photo manipulation. The resulting work can be categorized as caricature, cartoon, illustration and art depending on the intent. My political caricatures celebrate the old saw that ““Politics is show business for ugly people.” I like to think of my work as the “Picture of Dorian Gray” version of my subjects. What does that picture look like in the closet after all these years?

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Caroline Peters: Assistant Professor of Contemporary Theory and Art History/ Gallery Director. Belongs to the Tea Party Artist Collective. Colorado State University – Pueblo

Steve Brodner: Steve Brodner is an American satirical illustrator and caricaturist working for publications for a quarter century, such as Harper’s, The Nation, and The Washington Post.

David Gothard: Gothard has been shooting up assignments from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time and Newsweek, book publishers, foundations and corporations for 30 years, since graduating from Pratt.

Janet Hamlin: Janet Graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design and moved to New York. Clients include Time Warner, Universal Studios, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, IBM, HarperCollins, Associated Press to name a few. She has been sketching the tribunals in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as the sole courtroom artist from 2006 to present. Works in both traditional and digital media.

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