Manitou Art Center

Art that makes you think

The MAC has studio space available at the best rates in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs.

The studios focus on: woodworking and welding (tools and equipment available), mixed media, printmaking, painting, and ceramics (two electric, one gas and one raku kiln available). Coming soon: glass studio and a darkroom.

Studio artists have their own keys for 24/7 access to the building.

The most exciting and critical part of the MAC program for artists are the studio facilities. The MAC has more than 10 studios each available on a 24 hour basis. Beyond providing an array of equipment, which few single artists could afford, MAC artists are enriched by the interaction with their fellow artists, by classes and other programs that are sponsored by the MAC. Visitors are encouraged to observe MAC artists at work in their studios – most are open and visible during gallery hours. Culturally enriching the community and providing the public with art related educational opportunities are just two of the benefits that grow out of our core purpose of encouraging artists by creating the environment were artists can grow with the space to create, learn, share and exhibit. The community of MAC artists includes: our studio program artists, associate members, open entry exhibition artist participants, and occasional visiting artists and lecturers.

To help studio users develop and grow artistically, the MAC provides:

  • - a physical site for the development of their craft;
  • - access and practice with equipment and techniques;
  • - communication, interaction, and support of other artists;
  • - a forum for exposure to the public through openings and gallery shows.
  • - To help artists develop as business people, the MAC provides:
  • - educational programs on marketing, production, and distribution;
  • - phones and other office equipment;
  • - a mailing address, conference/meeting spaces for artists;
  • - a resource library for arts information;
  • - a forum for interaction with successful artists and other associates of the MAC in the arts business;
  • - access to potential customers through special shows and gallery exhibits.


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Requirements: 12 month commitment – signed studio artist agreement abiding by MAC policies of conduct and responsibility. – first and last month’s studio fee deposit – art eduction or degree not required

Open Studio Use

Call for studio availability – full access to studio and facilities usage privileges – materials not provided

  • - previous experience preferred – available during regular business days and hours only
  • - Open Studio Users must be MAC Associate Artist Members

Call Craig Cantrell at 719-598-3727 for more information about studio rentals. He can also be reached at