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Wayne Lambert is a Colorado Springs-based photographer who has photographed in the Southwest U. S. and Mexico since 1969.  He has studied with Ansel Adams, Laura Gilpin, Beaumont and Nancy Newhall, Roy Flukinger, and Dick Arentz.  His photographs, which are sometimes likened to those of the 19th-century expeditionary photographers, reflect his interest in classical formal documentation of geographic and ethnographic subjects  He works with large-format film cameras, mainly 8 x 10-inch, and prints in platinum/palladium, a darkroom printing technique which produces photographs of exceptional quality, beauty, and longevity.

His photographs are popular with both private and institutional collectors and portfolios of his work are included in several Southwestern collections including the Millennial Collection at Texas Tech University and the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico.  He is represented by the Etherton Gallery in Tucson.