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Zandra studio shot

BA from UCCS in 1991, major in Fine Arts

Also attended and studied Art at these universities:
University of Minnesota at Minneapolis 1981 – 1983
Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell SD 1978 – 1980

My main interest is beadwork, and painting with acrylic on masonite. Recently I have been experimenting with texture and other mediums incorporated into my paintings. Working with Masonite has made it easy to shape the canvas in unconventional ways, other than square or rectangular. Much of my work in the last 10 years centers on female form and symbolism. I hope to keep exploring this theme, maybe incorporate it in other mediums such as sewing, and in beadwork.

Growing up in South Dakota between the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations gave me great exposure to the American Indian Culture residing there. I think the primary colors used in their cultural beadwork and other art mediums highly influenced my use of bright, primary colors. During my childhood years there, I had the opportunity to learn beading techniques from some of the local residents, and I have been beading ever since. Beadwork has been a great medium to explore sculptural work in addition to jewelry. I offer a class in beginning beadwork at the PPCC, and really enjoy teaching when the opportunity presents itself.